5 YouTube Channels You Should Check Out Right Now

There is a YouTube channel for every interest. Whether you just want cat videos, or want to learn how to rewire the speakers in your car, YouTube has you covered. Here is a look at just some of the best channels out there right now.

1.    Carli Bybel

With over 5 million subscribers, Carli is one of the top beauty and makeup vloggers in the world. Her videos range from simple makeup tips to dealing with frizzy hair. She promotes positivity through looking your best.

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2.    Simone Giertz

This isn’t a lifehack channel. Simone does the complete opposite in her vlog. She builds complicated robots who often turn out to be hilariously terrible at their jobs. One of her most famous videos is a robotic arm that was supposed to cook breakfast. Instead it wound up knocking over the milk and cereal. Another invention was her robotic alarm clock. It was a rubber band powered machine that slapped her in the face.

Simone’s brand of intelligence and humor has skyrocketed her to the top of YouTube’s trending list. You can get there too if you buy YouTube views.

3.    Luxy Hair

This isn’t a channel that just shows you how to create beautiful hairstyles. It also bases the looks on situations. Like the “You’re running late” look, or best hairstyles for traveling, Luxy puts a creative spin on something most women do every day.

4.    FunForLouis

People love travel shows. They’ve been around since the advent of television. That’s why it comes as no surprise that travel vloggers have found a space on YouTube. Louis Cole has created a whole new brand of travel viewing though.

Normally the videos are focused on the destination. On Louis’ channel though, it’s all about him and his antics. He’s all about showing every aspect of the adventure, whether it be skydiving or a broken down bus.

5.    Marques Brownlee

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It’s not often you think about humor and technology in the same sentence. When you search for a video on how to save your phone from the toilet, you don’t expect to be entertained. Marques has flipped the script on that one. He adds just enough humor to keep his channel from running dry.